The ABLE (Autism Building Links with Employers) Project will directly impact and influence Employers in the open labour market.  A training resource will be developed for Employers that will assist them to employ, retain and maintain Individuals with an Autism Spectrum Condition.

The project will address the labour market relevance through the involvement of the Employers in the identification of their needs through an attitudinal survey, and incorporate this into the learning materials for delivery within and to the key stakeholders in the employment arena.

Project ABLE will demonstrate to the participant Employers the relevance of Vocational Education and Training (VET) in the workplace and the benefits received from it.

The quality of the materials developed will be enhanced through the participation of the participants in this process.  The peer review of existing materials across states and therefore robust identification of best practice in the area of work based VET materials further ensures the development of high quality and appropriate work based VET materials.


The Context

People with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) can make effective and highly valued employees and are often very focused, having considerable skills in particular areas.  The unemployment rate for people with Autism is 76% – 90%.  This is mainly due to many Employers having a general lack of understanding and experience in relation to how to support individuals with an ASC within the workplace.

“Autism and Work: Together We Can –  A report on good practices in employment for people with Autism from across Europe” (2014) stated the greatest challenges that people with an ASC face in employment are the lack of access to opportunities and general discrimination due to their disability.  It also highlighted that many Employers have a lack of understanding of the issues surrounding an ASC.

Project ABLE will address these issues and develop a resource for Employers to help them better support Employees who have an ASC.


European wide approach

The lack of an understanding of what Autism Spectrum Condition is and how to recruit and support someone with this disability is a reality across Europe.  Project ABLE will address these areas through providing training for co workers and Employers.

The best knowledge and information will be imported/exported across European states and this will therefore ensure consistency of approach for European Citizens with an ASC diagnosis.


The Aim of Project ABLE

To develop a ‘training resource’ for Employers aimed at improving:-

  • Knowledge and understanding of an Autism Spectrum Condition
  • The impact of someone with an ASC within the workplace
  • Reasonable adjustments and support strategies available at work



Project ABLE will address its labour market relevance through the involvement of Employers.  They will identify their needs through an attitudinal survey and subsequent findings will be incorporated into a new training resource which will be delivered to key stakeholders in the Employment arena.


This will be achieved through:-

  • An Employer attitude survey
  • A peer review of existing training materials
  • Development of a training resource
  • Testing and reviewing of the training resource
  • Capacity building training and the development of minimum standards
  • Conducting internal and external evaluations